Hello July!

It’s July, and you know what that means. Time for all of the red, white and blue! From fireworks in the sky, to the sparklers in your hand and the flag printed clothing on your body it is obvious that July is the month for America. 70% of American households have an outdoor living space which they use at least once a week- if you are like us, it is a lot more than once. It was estimated in Spring of 2016 that 19.83 million people in the US live in a household with either a pool or hot tub to better that outdoor living space.  Don’t worry, what happens in the backyard, stays in the backyard.

There is so much to celebrate with the 4th of July occurring this month, but do you know what other holiday is coming up? NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! July 17th is dedicated to one of our favorite deserts so why not have an ice cream party with your friends in your hot tub? With such a large quantity of outdoor living spaces throughout the country, it sounds like the perfect day to put it to use.  Fire and Ice, Hot and Cold…Hot Tubs and Ice Cream fit in that theme, right?

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”


Click here for an easy Double Chocolate Ice Cream recipe. This rich, chocolatey frozen goodness can be made at home.




What to do after the hot tub party?

Now that you’ve had a few summer gatherings in the hot tub (and someone may have spilled a little ice cream without admitting to it) the water may start to look cloudy, or at least not the crystal clear you are used to.  What to do next?

1. Test the water with a reagent test kit or test strip.

2. Analyze the water and make sure your pH and sanitation levels are where they should be. The recommended pH range for your hot tub’s water is between 7.4-7.6 chlorine should be between a 1-5 ppm, and alkalinity kept somewhere between 80-120 ppm.

3. Balance water according to the recommended instructions on the bottle.

4. Repeat until the water is clear.


Maintenance Tip: It is never a bad idea to clean your filters after heavy use.

If you are still having trouble, you may want to add an oxidizer to your routine. Spa Essentials Spa Shock Xtra enables spa owners to effectively shock treat their water, clearing up organic waste to bring back that crystal clear water clarity you remember as well as removing any nasty odors that accompany them and is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and ionized sanitizing systems. This treatment will prepare your spa for years of fun with you and your guests.



What else is going on in July?

July 5: Willits Triangle Park Concert featuring  Atomic Drifters @ 6:00pm

July 12: Willits Triangle Park Concert and Hot Tub Party with tubs from Soak Hot Tubs & Endless Pools featuring Zolopht @ 6:00pm.

July 19: Willits Triangle Park Concert featuring  Wild Mountain @ 6:00pm

July 28-30: Carbondale’s Mountain Fair 



P H O T O   C O N T E S T

Post your best “Hot Tub Ice Cream Party” photo on Instagram and #SoakBasalt for your chance to win 2 Yeti Colster’s. Enter by 7/31/17.


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