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Staff and Employee Recruitment

Crystal River Spas is looking for a group of amazing

staff members to join the team!

Being part of the Crystal Rivers Spas team is a lot like delivering flowers: We make a lot of people happy on a regular basis. That certainly explains why we love what we do!

For the past 30 years our family-owned business has become the Hot Tub Experts . In the Roaring Fork Valley, Crystal River Spas has become this area’s exclusive distributor of Hot Springs Spas. It has been our goal to provide the best quality spas to our customers. We offer the hassle-free maintenance and water care, and the relaxation and self-improvement that hut tub owners are looking for.

Our crew is knowledgeable and friendly, and we have a lot of fun at work. Matchmaking between local residents and the perfect, high-functioning hot tub is a passion of ours. Getting outside and playing in the gorgeous surroundings of the Rocky Mountains is vital to our environment and work flow.

Crystal River Spas invests in our staff because we believe our employees build the company’s future. Full-time staff members enjoy special pricing on hot tubs because we know the best endorsement comes from experiencing the benefits of having a hot tub in your backyard! Our service staff drive clean, safe and well-maintained vehicles and are given training to keep them current and knowledgeable in our industry.

We also offer:

• Affordable health, vision and dental insurance

• HSA with employer contributions

• IRA with matching funds (up to 3%)

• Direct deposit paychecks

We’re always on the lookout for team members who share our vision. If this sounds like the right fit for you, consider filling out an online application so we can meet you soon.

Delivery Assistant

Date: 21/2019

Title: Delivery Assistant 

Pay Type: Hourly Wage 

Direct Supervisor: Delivery Coordinator

Company Supervisor: Jake 

Primary Purpose of the Job: To assist the Delivery Coordinator and ensure that every delivery is completed smoothly and safely. 

Job Duties: (Listed but not limited to)

  • Make sure the truck is organized and clean at the beginning and end of the day and has all the following items in their designated locations:
    • Sled
    • Unfrozen packing blankets
    • Clean rags
    • Wheel chucks/blocks
    • Shop Vac
    • Extension Cord
    • Air Bag
    • Sump Pump
    • Discharge Hose
    • Garden Hose
    • Starter Kit(s)
    • Chem Bag
    • Trash Bags
    • Tools
    • Hot Tub cover loaded and strapped down
    • Straps
    • 303 
  • Hook the trailer to the truck:
    • Ensure all the pins are in place and latched.
    • The lights work.
    • Safety chains are on.  
  • Ensure that you have the following before leaving the shop and that they are all properly packed/strapped down:
    • Hot Tub
    • Cover
    • Step
    • Cover Lifter
    • Additional Accessories  
  • Greet all customers and introduce yourself with a smile!  
  • Unstrap and unload the hot tub cover/ Wrap up ratchet straps immediately.
  • Unload Sled and blankets
  • Lay down plywood
  • Assist team in placement/removal
  • Collect serial number tags from delivered hot tubs and place them on the service order form.
  • When draining a tub: 
    • Test acidity/pH
    • Hook up pump
    • Ensure we do not damage grass 
  • Vacuum the factory test water out of the new spa, including the jets.
  • Wipe out the empty tub with a clean rag and white vinegar before filling. 
  • Spray down the new hot tub filter and return to the tub.
  • Clean the new hot tub and cover with 303 Protectant (sunscreen).
    • Step 1: Wash the cover with wet rag.
    • Step 2: Apply the spray and polish with a dry rag. 
  • Clean up trash from the tub and cover into the cover box, strap down to the back of the truck.
  • Ensure all tools are loaded back up into the truck as the job is coming to a close to promote smooth and fluid transitions from job site to job site. 
  • Roll up Sled/Pack up plywood
  • Roll up all hoses and extension cords.
  • Strap down and adjust ratchet straps on old hot tubs and/or cover. 
  • Make sure NO hoses are left hooked up to house spigots in the winter time. 
  • Clean up the delivery site of any debris after hot tub removals. 
  • Add Stickers to the following:
    • Dome shaped on door
    • Flat metal subpanel (Breaker box)
    • Cover clip with key chain
    • Front right corner of the tub

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